XP-870 Pneumatic Shockwave Device

The Explotrain XP-870 Pneumatic Shockwave Device provides a method of simulating explosive battlefield effects without any attached gas bottles, hoses, wires, control modules, bursting discs or containers.

GSA Exclusive

XP-870 Pneumatic Shockwave Device
XP-870 Pneumatic Shockwave Device

The XP-870 produces a tuned shockwave and loud blast effect with no fragmentation hazard using compressed air or CO2. Rapid repeat firings are possible with no need to reload, simply refill and re-fire in a matter of seconds. The PULSE shockwave effect creates a unique tactile impulse to create additional levels of training. The XP-870™ can be concealed almost anywhere and will even operate submerged. It can consistently propel water up to 50 feet in height when submerged at 2 feet.

Diameter: 8.5 inches.
Length: 12.75 inches.
Decibel Blast: 116dB.
Uses compressed air or CO2.
Schrader valve attachment.


  • Standard 9-24V DC trigger signal operation.
  • Equipped with Key Fob Remote Control.
  • Equipped with FX attachment for enhanced visual effects.
  • Equipped with FX attachment for enhanced visual effects and Long Range Receiver interface capabilities.
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