X-ROW Rocket Propelled Grenade Simulator

The Explotrain X-ROW RPG simulator provides a method of simulating battlefield effects to safely subject operators to the realism of shooting a Rocket-Propelled Grenade.

GSA Exclusive

X-ROW Rocket Propelled Grenade Simulator
X-ROW Rocket Propelled Grenade Simulator

The X-ROW allows for control of the flight path and impact zone via nylon guide-wire. Just anchor the guideline to a targeted building or object and squeeze the mechanical trigger. The guideline ensures the highest degree of safety and control available. When launched, the X-ROW produces both the visible and audible effects of an RPG being fired. Firing Speed: 80mph. Flight Distance: 50m+.

Powered by disposable CO2 cartridges. Features mechanical trigger with manual safety.

Includes RPG Launcher, Wire Guide, Rockets and CO2 Propellant Cartridges

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