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Military Satellite Communications

UHF to KA SATCOM Services and Systems and Systems for Air, Land, and Sea, with On-the-Move, On-the-Pause, and Fixed Communications.

Tactical Data Links + Line-Of-Sight Networks

MIDS/Link 16 Communications and LOS Data Links.

Multicloud Architecture:
Discover how to progress your organization’s cloud strategies as to seamlessly align to mission requirements and boost overall productivity. Whether you need a public, private or hybrid cloud solution, you’ll receive data management, cloud optimization, DevOps, and/or cloud strategy solutions tailored to your needs to enhance your organization’s cloud strategies.

Networks shape capabilities and results. At anytime and anywhere, every member of your team should be able to smoothly and immediately obtain access to all data and applications. Learn how World Wide Technology data center networking, wireless mobility, application delivery controllers procured efficient through our contracts can address your network issues now.

Digital Workspace:
Share information your organization's information better in ways that are clear and constructive. Implement feasible and continual enhancements in your organization’s workflow and productivity while employing next-generation meetings, end-user computing, and unified communication.

Security Transformation:
Operational security is essential. Ensure your intelligence, reputation, and intellectual property are safe with comprehensive security setup that meets DoD requirements. Utilize technical solutions, grow your security’s presence and plan for new and existing threats all while maintaining operational readiness. Discover how endpoint security, security strategies, identity and access management can enhance your capabilities.

Global Antenna Leadership

Other installations include thousands of limited motion antenna systems and over 550 full-motion antennas. In addition, Viasat is the leader in remote sensing antenna systems that process the imaging data for applications like Google Maps. The company’s total of more than 100 of these systems is more than all other providers of these systems worldwide.

Better Communications for More Markets

We build complete antenna systems "from RF to bits"

  • Panels and mechanical structures that form the antenna
  • Motors and controllers that position the reflectors
  • Radio frequency transmit/receive electronics, high-speed modems, and software systems that deliver a stream of bits to the end customer
  • Low-profile, high-frequency radomes for the airborne terminals

New and custom satellite communication antennas

Though we’re proud of our heritage in large satellite antennas, we’re constantly developing new products and adapting our antenna know-how to customers building new generation, custom systems as well.

Service & Maintenance For Your System

We offer installation, integration, upgrades, field service and support of your L-, S-, X-, and Ka-band systems worldwide.

360-Degree View with all Operators

With Link 16 communications from Viasat, you can now have a 360-degree view with all operators and assets accounted for in the Common Operating Picture. 

We arm more warfighters on more platforms with the most secure, jam-resistant Link 16 communications so joint and allied forces have the ability to exchange situational awareness data (friendly and enemy) and command and control information in real time.

A Clearer Battlefield Picture

By packaging the most advanced capabilities into the next-generation of Link 16 terminals - every warfighter, platform, and node can leverage the nearly worldwide presence of Link 16 to create an even more robust network and achieve the connectivity that’s needed across the battlespace.

  • Built-in interoperability with Viasat’s family of Link 16 terminals
  • Manage and troubleshoot your own Link 16 networks and terminals with Viasat’s software tools
  • Better performance per dollar with Viasat’s support equipment so you can get more value out of your equipment and optimize your mission
  • Lower logistics costs with in-country/field support to help you address repair needs much faster
  • Reduce risk with 360-degree support from Viasat, including CONOPs development, training, network design, and help with lifecycle requirements

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