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The Darley Defense Partner Program offers your company an expansive selection of brand-building opportunities geared to promote your company and drive success. As a Darley Partner, you will have exclusive access to year- round opportunities positioning your company in front of the Defense community and have the ability to expedite sales to the military through the use of Darley's simplified contract vehicles.

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Promoting You To Our Customers

Becoming a Darley Supply Partner means you have full access to our marketing efforts and sales force. Together, we will get your solutions into the hands of OUR customers.

  • Access to our robust and global salesforce who drive business with the DoD everyday.
  • Digital promotion of your products through our channels.
  • Support from our marketing team to help you create or enhance content.
  • Defense trade show presence and experience.

What we need from you to get started:

Fill out the become a Supply Partner Application here. We’ll take it from there!

  • Marketing materials (brochures, videos, case studies).
  • Samples or demo kits.
  • Digital technical specification sheets, images, product descriptions.
  • Price lists (if applicable).
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Quoting Your Product & Obtaining An Order

Requirements for DoD bidding:
  • Darley's cost.
  • Applicable discounts by opportunity.
  • Item description
  • Quantity
  • Lead time (days ARO)
  • Country of Origin ("COO")
  • Confirmation of Berry Amendment (certificate must be on YOUR company letterhead) and/or Trade Agreements Act ("TAA") compliance
  • Shipping estimate (DLA contracts are FOB destination)
  • Payment terms on quote
  • Sales tax, if applicable
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Rolling up your solution into one organized, ruggedized and easy-to-handle package. Each item needs to be listed, line-by-line with item description, quantity and respective COO Detailed shipping schedule, outlining partial deliveries.

  • Marketing materials (brochures, videos, case studies).
  • Technical spec sheets.
  • Sales resources/SMEs to partner up with our sales team (see territory map attachment for Darley team breakdown and contact information).
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Processing Your Payment

To process your payment, we need:
  • Digital invoice sent to [email protected]
  • Signed proof of delivery.
  • "Remit to" instructions.
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Other DOD Contracting Options & Guidelines

  • Customers: Who is eligible to purchase through DLA? ANY government entity with a DoDAAC (DoD Activity Address Code) AND the ability to pay via MIPR (Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request) or MILSTRIP (Military Standard Requisitioning & Issue Procedures) .
  • Products: Darley can facilitate the sale of any item or service verified by DLA to meet the scope of SOE(Special Operations Equipment) FES/FS&E (Fire & Emergency Services Equipment).
  • How? Solicitations are released to Darley with a 72-hour window to respond with a bid. The best value to the government is awarded to the vendor with the lowest bid. Customers pay a 5.4% fee to DLA for the expedited bid process.
  • Darley requires that all our partners maintain a 95%+ on-time delivery rating.
  • Darley reps are experts on tailoring the process to the needs of the customer.
  • we can also assist in listing your product on a GSA schedule with long-term, pre-negotiated price ceilings, and accessible for purchase by all federal entities.
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