EB3000 Generator

The TELE-LITE EB3000 Generator includes Two (2) -Tele-scoping 500W quartz Lights,Two-(2) Portable Lights, and Two ( 2)- 25' Ext. Cords, Two ( 2) L5-15 Receptacles with weather resistant covers.
EB3000 Generator
EB3000 Generator

The near perfect combination of power and portability, NOVA-LITE features the dependable Honda EB-3000 generator with GFCI. This quiet power plant is rack mounted on a custom built hand cart along with two 500W telescoping lights, and two 500W portable lights with storage brackets for easy and fast portability.

The front Halogen lights are mounted on their own rugged telescoping poles making them instantly ready for use. Raise them up 82" from the ground, rotate and angle them to get light exactly where you need it.

At only 140 lbs. (and most of the weight carried very low) NOVA-LITE is easy to maneuver with its rugged off-set stainless steel handle. That's one trip to where it's needed with no trips back to the truck for extra lights or a generator.

The NOVA-LIGHT. Put it on your team and win against the darkness.

  • Honda EB3000 Generator
  • Two Tele-Lite 500W Quartz Halogen telescoping lights
  • Two Tele-Lite 500W Quartz Halogen portable lights
  • Two L5-L15 receptacles with weather-resistant cover
  • Two 25-foot yellow 10/3 SJOOW extension cords
  • Low center of gravity and large wheels for mobility
  • Rugged offset stainless steel grab bar
  • Front facing outlets for convenience, various configurations available
Weight 140 lbs.
Lights 4 x 500W(total 2000W)
Height 82"
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