Bulk HME Precursor Detection Kit

The American Innovations Bulk HME Kit is a simple, fast and sustainable bulk homemade explosives (HME) precursor detection kit for Nitrates and Chlorates, the two most common HME Precursors used in Improvised Explosive Devices.

GSA Exclusive

Bulk HME Precursor Detection Kit
Bulk HME Precursor Detection Kit

The American Innovations HME bulk material identification kit delivers 100% detection reliability for Nitrate based fertilizers, Potassium Chlorate and all other Nitrates or Chlorates used in HME manufacturing according to independent government testing. Analysis time is less than 10 seconds and performance stability is 3 years.

Each HME Kit includes:

  • 2 spoons
  • 33 test vials prefilled with di-water
  • 33 combo Nitrate and Chlorate test strips
  • Chlorate reagent
  • multi-language picture
  • instruction card
  • custom fitted pouch with clear instruction card window

Kit weight: 6 oz. Kit dimensions: 4”x4”x2”. Includes straps to attach to MOLLE gear or utility belt.

Each kit performs 33 individual tests

Made in the USA.

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